Add-ons for Runway

Extend your CMS with these free official add-ons

A Perch Runway license gives you access to a whole set of add-ons - everything from Forms processing, to a membership site and e-commerce. Add-ons can currently be downloaded over at the Perch site, on this page we’ve highlighted a few of our favourites.

If you can’t see what you need Perch Runway can be extended in many different ways with our Developer API. Take a look at the docs to find out how to add your own custom functionality to Runway.


Create a membership site, secure content, link with Shop to sell premium content

What can you do?

Our Members Addon turns Perch Runway into a fully fledged membership site.

Download Members


A full-featured ecommerce system for Runway. Sell downloadable software, memberships or physical products

… and much much more. See our dedicated Perch Shop website.

Download Shop


A fully-featured blogging application with the same content control as the rest of Perch Runway
Download Blog


Collect data in your form and choose whether to send it in an email or store it in the Control Panel
Download Forms